Thursday, 1 October 2015

Venice - revisited(ish)

Mrs P and I, along with The Child and The Childs Sister visited Venice this year, not sure if I mentioned it, and although both Mrs P and I would dearly love to go back to Venice sooner rather than later, it's not quite been possible. Instead, we have lived shamelessly and vicariously through a few disgustingly lucky people who have had the opportunity to avoid the wind, rain and general misery of the British climate.

On one such gratuitously happy trip, my Sister and Brother-in-law had a whistle-stop visit of Venice on their Honeymoon this year and so we created a guide to give them an insight of the highs and lows of the quite frankly, most mental city I have ever visited. I've since had a couple of other requests to have a look so I thought I would post this up for all you lovely people should you wish to take advantage of our discoveries and mistakes, which are both held in equal measure as the making of a fantastic holiday.

In a similar vein, I have recently been introduced to Like a Local which looks at first glance to be pretty interesting. The style seems suspiciously similar to, so I suspect they may well be connected in some way, either that or someone is in a whole heap of trademark and copywrite poo.  In any event, and while they are still available, I've got a business trip in Prague coming up so we shall see how their local recommendations perform! 

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