Thursday, 16 June 2016

Anniversaries, Paris House and Michelin Stars

Can anyone explain to me the apparent requirement that forces posh restaurants to serve tiny portions on enormous plates? 'I'm sorry chef, you'll have to wait until next year, your plates just aren't big enough.' Surely there's a compromise to be found?

As we sat at the table of Paris House eating a 10 course marathon meal extravaganza, and considering that point (in my head), I was also reminding Mrs P just how lucky she was for being married to me for the past 5 years. No, wait. It was the other way around wasn't it, I was reminding myself about how lucky I was for being married to Mrs P while also talking about these needlessly enormous plates. It was our five year anniversary and I thought that I had a lot to make up for during the previous five years of embarrassing decisions and general knobbyness that Mrs P has had to endure at my hands by treating her to some slap-up nosh.

I've written about it in a bit more detail over at Two Men About Town so head over to get the full run down.

Five years though... to be fair, I'm quite grateful that she's not slapped an injunction on me by now. So I figured that if nothing else, she deserved a bit of a treat and Paris House certainly gave us that. I've been lucky enough to go over there a few times to meet Phil Fanning, owner and Head Chef during my experiences judging the MK Food Awards and don't think for a second I missed the opportunity to introduce Mrs P to 'my close personal friend (aka someone I've met a couple of times) Phil, you know, the Michelin starred chef'. 

Just in case you can't be bothered to click on the link - here's a couple of the best pictures/dishes:

The review contains all my thoughts about the place so have a read if you want to know all about the food and why you should appreciate fine dining as an unforgettable experience, but I kept back this one to share with you lovely people who continue to read these posts for your own oddly comforting yet still undeniably voyeuristic reasons; why is it that the good times feel too short and the bad times feel too long?

Happy Anniversary Mrs P, it feels like yesterday and in 40 years time, I hope it still does.